Are you deciding between new building or block of flats?

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Someday everyone will be looking for their own place to live. Naturally it will come to a question whether it is better to purchase an apartment before reconstruction or completely new apartment in new building. Of course finances play the main role here. However you should also consider thoroughly whether eventual reconstruction wouldn’t cost more than buying a new apartment.

Block of flats seems to be cheaper but new apartment is new apartment
FlatsMost of young people get apartments before reconstruction. They get attracted by its low prices. 

Even though the offer might seem great on the first sight, it doesn’t have to be great investment

Apartments in block of flats are difficult to be reconstructed and their reconstruction might be much more expensive than price of new apartment. Real estate agencies will help you to get orientated in the flood of offers and will help you with choice of ideal home.

Do you know how to properly reconstruct prefab apartment? Get inspiration!

People who choose apartments for reconstruction think they can change it exactly according to their taste. However in case of prefab apartments it isn’t always possible.It is important to realize that prefab apartments can’t be adjusted as their owner would wish. 

If despite this you want to live in a cozy home and you have prefab apartment, try to get some inspiration. Development projects are created so the life there was as pleasant as possible.

New apartment is simply safe bet

Even though it might seem unbelievable, the fact is that new apartment is safe bet. Often you can even buy it much cheaper than reconstruction of older prefab apartment would cost.Thanks to the fact that it is a new building you can be sure that everything will function as it is supposed to.
Besides that new building apartments are not built all the same.You can be sure you will have original place to live. Prague real estate can help you with the choice. They always have an overview of the market and what is going on there.


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