Even workplace can be colorful

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Colorful walls in your home aren’t any exception but what about an office? Colorful environment influences not only your creativity, productivity, feelings and concentration. So you should carefully think about which color you would like and don’t forget about the company representation. Do you already know? Then you can start painting.

Dark, light, warm or cool color?
Office space in PragueFor each industry there is different color which suits. Are you looking for commercial spaces in Prague for rent for your new bank branch opening? 

In this case blue color is great because it brings feeling of confidence and earnestness.

It also depends on whether the color will be light or dark. If you would be blending the office into dark colors you will create impression of conservative business. Light colors are on the other hand decent. It is also important if you are choosing warm or cool colors. Do you want to create creative atmosphere? 

Then choose warm colors such as orange or yellow.You might be afraid of colors and you can’t decide which shade you should paint the office. White color is simple, clear, neutral and it isn’t possible to do any harm with it. On someone however it might have sterile impression and they don’t feel well there. 

On the other hand beware extravagant colors which might be aggressive. Are you looking for renting office spaces in Prague? You should think about the paint color already in this phase.

And what about furniture color?

It isn’t only about the color of walls but of everything what is in the room. When you will be choosing wall colors think also about the color of the table, chairs or wardrobe. If you will have many bright colors in the office you won’t feel well neither your clients.Imagine for example green walls and red furniture. 

These colors literally beat each other. If you choose some bright color on the wall such as green or orange then you should choose neutral color of the furniture. What about grey color? If you know there will be office space for sale you should really try hard so the office was furnished so it would appeal to the potential buyer.


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