How to choose a wardrobe properly?

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When you get a new apartment, you need also new furnishing. The largest part of the rooms is taken by storage spaces. For example wardrobe is part of the furniture which requires really a lot of space. That might be a problem in a small apartment. Luckily nowadays you can choose. Your wardrobe can even save you a space.

Built – in wardrobe into small apartments
BytPrague apartments aren’t too spacious. Rooms are small but it can happen that they have high ceilings. In a small apartment it is wise to save the space. 

However it might be difficult to find a spacious wardrobe which wouldn’t stand in the way.

Therefore built – in wardrobes are so popular in small spaces. They are tailor made. Besides that they efficiently use also the space by the ceiling.

It can be used also for storing season clothing or outdoor equipment. If you want to get a built – in wardrobe you have to think through, where would you place it. It hardly can be moved later.

Sliding doors save you space

You have surely lived it, for example on vacation or at your parents’. Door from wardrobe can get in the way if they are opening outside. Therefore keep in mind also these details while furnishing your Prague living.

In smaller rooms wardrobes with sliding doors are more practical. They don’t take up any space and aren’t in the way. Besides that lately they have been modern and popular. Moreover they can also be fitted with a mirror. Mirror optically adds to the space and it is more than practical in case of the wardrobe.

Closet instead of wardrobe

Some new apartments in Prague have reserved whole one room for the clothing. Into these rooms it is very practical to put wardrobes without doors.

Or you can even get only racks on which you can simply hang the clothes. That is very practical because your clothing will be in more order.

At the same time your closet will be more well – arranged. Accessories such as belts and scarfs can be stored in drawers.


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